Water Resources. Forest, Marine and Ocean Ecosystems

12. Section Hydrology and Water Resources

  • River basin and stream systems
  • Groundwater resources, spatial distribution and quality
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Water quality and purge technologies
  • Water use, standards, management and permitting
  • Flood risk management
  • Water scarcity and droughts
  • Hydraulic problems of water systems
  • Water planning and monitoring
  • Project management

13. Section Soils

  • Soil balance
  • Hazardous elements in agricultural soils
  • Organic pollutants in agricultural soils
  • Inputs into the soil
  • Environmental risk assessment and health impact of contaminated sites
  • Soil erosion and anti-erosion measures
  • Soil desertification and protection
  • Management and reclaiming of lands
  • Project management

14. Section Forest Ecosystems

  • Development of forest area
  • Reforestation and deforestation
  • Forest health and development of salvage felling
  • Forests in special protected areas and wetlands
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Multifunctional forest management and planning
  • Monitoring of forest ecosystems
  • Ecological, habitat and landscape evaluation models
  • Forest ecosystems as an indicator of climate change
  • Project management

15. Section Marine and Ocean Ecosystems

  • Marine physics and chemistry
  • Marine biology and ecology
  • Genetics and marine biotechnology
  • Cumulative effects on marine and ocean ecosystems
  • Pollution prevention and environmental monitoring of marine and ocean ecosystems
  • Marine geology and archeology
  • Ocean technologies
  • Marine cartography, navigation and ocean mapping
  • Cooperation in the field of accidental or deliberate marine pollution
  • Project management
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