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This year the 17th edition of the International Scientific SGEM GeoConference is offering a palette of workshops and presentations in various fields – from finance and economy, through education, to space. SGEM workshops are the right place for professionals to obtain the information on the latest developments in their field and to indulge in specific topics.
You are welcome to join every workshop session! Do not miss this opportunity!



Join 2017 EU-dedicated panel on 29 and 30 June!


Funding opportunities by the European Research Council at the European Commission
Sonia Ilieva Professor in Chemistry, European Research Council (ERC)

Day: 29 June, 2017 /    Time: 14:30 - 16:00 (duration: 1.30 h)  /  Hall: WORKSHOP HALL
The European Research Council (ERC) was launched in 2007. The main goal of the ERC is to encourage high quality research in Europe through competitive funding. Despite its young age, the ERC is already shaping Europe's research scene and is highly regarded by the international research community establishing itself as a world-class funding agency. Encouraging international scientific cooperation, the ERC supports top researchers from anywhere in the world. To date over 40000 scientific proposals have been received, and over 4000 researchers have been selected for funding.
Speaker: Sonia Ilieva Professor in Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”; Currently Seconded National Expert in the Department of Scientific Affairs of the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA). Doctor Habilis (DSc) in Chemical Sciences; Vice dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy responsible for Bachelor and Master degree education (2009-2013); Teaching and research in the area of physical organic chemistry, theoretical quantum chemistry, organic chemistry, molecular spectroscopy; 55 scientific publications in recognized international journals, 1 book chapter; more than 500 citations in the literature; graduated 4 PhD students.



Funding of projects by Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) program within Horizon2020
Roumen Borissov, PhD in Physics, Research Executive Agency (REC)

Day: 30 June, 2017 Time: 15:00 - 15:45 (duration: 45 min)  /Hall: WORKSHOP HALL
Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) is one of the four main programs within the Excellence Science pillar of Horizon2020 (together with ERC, Maria Sklodowska-Curie actions, and Research infrastructures). The main component of FET is FET-Open with about 1B Euro for the durationof the program. One of the most important features of FET-Open is that it is a bottom-up program without any topical restrictions. Funding is done for scientific breakthrough, targeted (not blue-sky), collaborative projects with the objective to advance excellent scientific ideas towards future technologies.

Speaker: Roumen Borissov, PhD in Physics from USA,  works at the European Commission institutions - DG CNECT and the Research Executive Agency (REA). He has been involved with the preparation and execution of evaluation of proposals submitted to the FET program (both FET-Proactive and FET-Open). He is overseeing the project funded by FET-Open.



Indoor WORKSHOP SESSIONS 29 June - 5 July

Knowledge Exchange for Resource Management and International Trust
Prof. Rodney Stevens, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Day: 03 July, 2017 / Time: 11:30 - 13:00 (duration: 1.30 h)   /  Hall: WORKSHOP HALL

Cooperative projects and educational activities with partner institutes in stressed regions are the distinctive profile for the KERMIT project. These activities build upon our international networks and the multidisciplinary research from the cooperative projects, utilizing earlier results and emphasizing the exchange activities for knowledge transfer in all directions. This workshop will deal with research and capacity-building targeted at two, related groups with academic backgrounds: 1) refugees in Europe and 2) local populations in the stressed regions from which people are fleeing.

Speaker: Prof. Rodney Stevens
is currently head of the Geology group at the Earth Sciences Department at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is specialized in environmental geology, and he has lead national and European projects dealing with this applied focus. Most projects are combining research with teaching and outreach aspects, consistent with the general character of environmental sciences. Stevens is a senior editor for the on-line encyclopedia on Environmental Science by Oxford University Press.



Juno – The Bulgarian Connection
Juno is more than a space laboratory to study the planet Jupiter
Theodore Clarke, NASA, USA

Day: 04 July, 2017  / Time: 14:30 - 16:00 (duration: 1.30 h)  /  Hall: WORKSHOP HALL
NASA’s Juno spacecraft was launched to Jupiter in August 2011, and went into orbit about the planet in July 2016.  Besides the science, high level objectives of Juno are outreach and citizen participation, which form the theme of this workshop.  The outreach includes articulating, performing, and showing how Juno is connected intimately with history, literature, music, art and stunning visualization experiences to a broad sector of the public.  

Speaker: Theo Clarke, MS in Physics, Adjunct Prof. of Physics at Pasadena City College, is engaged for 40 years already in the space program including 11 years as consultant on Juno; lectured extensively on Voyager, Galileo, and Juno in the U.S.A., Europe, and South America, including to all 3 U.S. military academies.


Innovative financing of energy efficiency measures for public authorities and other relevant bodies
Ivanka Pandelieva-Dimova,DSc, Project manager, Sofia Energy Centre

Day: 05 July, 2017  / Time: 11:30 - 13:00 (duration: 1.30 h)  / Hall: WORKSHOP HALL
The workshop will focus on different financial models that can be of interest for public authorities or other relevant institutions (eg. development centres, research bodies, etc.) based on the experience of H2020 CITYnvest project and on H2020 PDA Rhodoshop project (to start from September 2017).

Speaker: Ivanka Pandelieva-Dimova,DSc,  (MSc in Statistics)
has almost 20 years of experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects elaboration and execution, performing operational coordination and management of different related projects and activities. Her professional experience record includes among others managing of SEC activities under H2020 CITYnvest Project and IEE Green Twinning Project focusing on formulation of local policies for  sustainable development  as well as financing appraisals and project bank-ability.




Geological phenomena – Pobitite Kamani [Upright Stones], Prof. Sinyovski

1 July, 2017 / 14.00 h - 19.00 h  
/organized bus transport, departure - main entrance Paradise Blue Hotel/


Modern Power Sources – Closed-cycle Biogas Installation

4 July, 2017 / 16.30 h - 18.30 h  
/organized bus transport, departure - main entrance Paradise Blue Hotel/


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