Conference Scientific Partners & Committee Members
Scientific Committee of the International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences gathers distinguished scientists from Academies of Sciences, different research institutes and associations world-wide.

    Acad. Nikola Sabotinov
    Former President of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
    Member of the Board of Directors, Bulgaria

    Prof. Nikolaj Miloshev
    Former Vice President of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Acad. Nikola Hajdin
    President of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Serbia

    Acad. Todor Nikolov
    Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Geological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Acad. Yuri Sergeevich Osipov
    President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

    Acad. Boris Ye. Paton
    President of the National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine, Ukraine

    Prof. Juris Ekmanis
   President of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Latvia


    Prof. RNDr. Pavel Hejda, CSc.
    Director of the Institute of Geophysics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

    Prof. DrSc. Stefan Luby
    President of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak

    Prof. Bogdan Ney
    Head of Division VII Earth and Mining Sciences of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

    Prof. DrSc. Vitaly P. Merkulov
    Head of Department of Petroleum Asset Engineering,
    National Research Tomsk Polytechnical University Russia

Dr. Lachezar Tzotzorkov
    Managing Director of Asarel Medet Plc
    Chairman of the Managing Committee of Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria

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Prof. DSc. Ekaterina Batchvarova
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

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