Type of Sessions
The SGEM Scientific Committee has a strong commitment of providing opportunities for conference participants to exchange knowledge and ideas, communicate and learn from each other. The conference programme combines a number of sessions and events that are designed specifically to promote interactions among the on-site members of the knowledge geo-community. These range from more formal Oral and Poster sessions, through parallel Invited Session presentations and Workshop discussions, to informal coffee breaks and optional social activities.

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BEST PRESENTATION AWARDS, 16th International Scientific GeoConference SGEM2016 were given to:

Antonina  Mezhibor, Tomsk Polytechnic University Department of Natural Resourses, Russia
Zane  Bulderberga, Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia
John-Erik  Andreassen, Ostfold University College, Norway
Gunta  Grinberga-Zalite, Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia
Olga  Shvetsova, Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University LETI, Russia
Evelina Yordanova, Stoykova    Sofia Energy Centre, Bulgaria
Cristina    Campian, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Jaroslava Novotna, Bartlova    Agricultural Research Ltd., Czech Republic
Evgeny  Galunin, Tambov State Technical University, Russia
Marian  Crudu, INCDTP-Div.Leather and Footwear Research Institute ICPI,  Romania
Zbysek  Pavlik, CTU in Prague-Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Republic
Anita Petru, Czech University of Life Sciences - Prague, Czech Republic
Annelies Vandenbulcke, Ghent University, Belgium
Gabriela  Zemelka, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
Ilie Eduard  Nastase, National Institute for Earth Physics, Romania
Pawel  Mendyka, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
Jan Kazmierczak, Silesian University of Technology
Giorgi Basilaia, Ilia State University, Georgia
Miroslaw  BAJDA, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Frank  Swartjes, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment
Daniel  Manoli , Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest - Geotechnical and Foundation Department    
Dragos  Tataru, National Institute for Earth Physics,  Romania
Julia  Aahlen, University of Gaevle Department of Industrial Development IT and Land Management, Sweden
Michal Holubec, Slovak University of Technology Bratislava, Slovakia
Mihai  Magyari, National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion - INSEMEX, Romania
Ruxandra VINTILA, ICPA - Bucuresti, Romania
Vladimir Shchiptsov, Institute of Geology KarRC RAS, Russia


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