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9th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference - SGEM2009, www.sgem.org, SGEM2009 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN 10: 954-91818-1-2, June 14-19, 2009, Vol. 2, 43-48 pp


The nature does not respect administrative boundaries. However, the protected areas are
very often located on the state boundaries and in many cases neighbour just on the
boundary. Also establishment of Natura 2000 Network as the "Habitats" and "Birds"
Directives invoked the need for interoperable, accessible and harmonised datasets in the
European Union. The need to have information on nature conservation geo-referenced
and available at the EU level increases in recent years due to a trend by European park
authorities to develop management rules that respect the natural boundaries rather than
the administrative ones, which often implies an international approach. Moreover, the
required multi-disciplinary approach to environmental issues implies the management
of seamless geo-information in the different application fields. These studies require a
comparison of different environmental datasets such as protected sites boundaries,
habitats, species distribution, water bodies and other elements as for instance designed
railway. According to the INSPIRE philosophy the different datasets should be made
available and re-usable at the EU level through the use of common standards and
interoperable services. Also multilingual and multicultural aspects are very important
for such data exchange.

Nature-SDIplus Network aims, through state-of-the-art methodologies and best practice
examples, to improve harmonisation of national datasets and make them more
accessible and exploitable. Therefore, it contributes to the INSPIRE implementation
with specific reference to a cluster of data themes on nature conservation. The main
objective of the Nature-SDIplus Network is to: involve new stakeholders; share data and
best practices; improve and stimulate exploitation and the re-use of information on
nature conservation.

Keywords: INSPIRE, Nature protection, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Nature-SDIplus

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