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References: 13th SGEM GeoConference on Science and Technologies In Geology, Exploration and Mining, www.sgem.org, SGEM2013 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-954-91818-7-6 / ISSN 1314-2704, June 16-22, 2013, Vol. 1, 83 - 90 pp


The relation between geological structure of Slănic-Aluniş area from Romanian Oriental
Carpathians and field morphology is as obviously as possible and this is reflected in
orographic aspect, in fragmentation degree of relief, in energy of relief, in slopes
inclination, in conformation and slope exposure. Determinant element in
morphostructure performing is first representing by lithological constitution of substrate
and second by tectonic arrangement. All mentioned phenomena make part from the
category of movements in mass and are owned to lithological substrate, subcoherent
preponderant, generally formed from politic deposits with gypsiferous episodes.
Another cause is layers declivity, which from a value and in some climatic conditions,
allows releasing of previous mentioned phenomena. Knowledge and analyze of
geomorphology and also the establishing of some relation of geostructuremorphostructure
type, necessitated direct remarks on field relief, researching and
establishing of numerous characters on which relief shapes own. A special attention I
had assigned to Miocene geological formations on which I had considered as having a
definitive role in generation of some morphostructural processes. Based on these I had
established the percent regarding the repartition and the largeness of geomorphological
elements in region, which reflect very well geostructure – morphostructure relations.

Keywords: geological structure, morphology, morphostructural proces, layers declivity

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