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6th International Scientific Conference - SGEM2006, www.sgem.org, SGEM2006 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN: 954-918181-2, June 12-16, 2006, Vol. 2, 289-305 pp

/Full article available only in Bulgarian language/

‘Mapex’ JSC is a major geo-informational company in Bulgaria. Its main activities are in the area of geodesy, structural planning and specialized software development, based on GPS technologies.
The purpose of this summary is to briefly acquaint the participants in the “6 International Scientific Conference – Modern Management of Mine Producing, Geodesy and Environmental Protection - SGEM 2006” with th some of the major projects of Mapex JSC, implemented through GPS technologies, as well as with those projects where the utilization of GPS technologies has dramatically increased productivity of labour.
The “Sofia Municipality GPS network creation” Project is a good example for a successful recovery, homogenization and performance improvement in terms of precision of the survey points network, which serves as a basis for all survey networks on the territory of Sofia region (about 1300 square km). This project was implemented in remarkably short time.
The “Kiusheto – Burgas city” Project, which has been completed in one week during winter conditions, is interesting with its utilization of GPS measurements - simultaneously in static regime for creation of operational geodetic base and in cinematic regime for geodetic photography and traditional angle-length methods for surveying, where the cinematic regime was not applicable - for the generation of geodetic plan of 250 hectares of slightly urbanized territory.