N. Kondratov, Y. Bahmatova, E. Shulgina
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


There have occurred significant changes in the world political stage over the last more than 20 years. Events of the recent decades have changed territory, economic, social, natural resource and environmental situation in Russia. Nowadays up to 70% of territory of the Russian Federation, nearly half of northern land areas of the globe are regarded as territory of the nordic region and the Arctic region. The notion “Arctic region” (“Arctic zone”) has no distinct definition, it is frequently equated with the notion “North”, for example. There are no generally accepted southern borders of the Arctic. This makes it difficult to conduct a study in the Russian Arctic. History of the Arctic region discovery and development extends back over several thousands of years. In Russia, active economic activity in the Arctic is carried out in the last 70 - 80 years. But natural resource management in the North of Russia has a centuries-long history which reflects the peculiarities of northern territory development. The specific character of natural resource management in the Arctic zone as well as in the North depends on certain natural and social-economic conditions, limiting factors and environmental protection measures. The Russian Federation notably contributed to the Arctic exploration and gained unique experience in its exploration. Along with that, different problems of exploitation of natural resources of the Arctic territories of the Russian Federation have strategic importance. The Arctic region in the long term is an important resource base in Russia and world. It can be a strong region in building transit of maritime and air transport capacity, the key point of the long-term national interests of Russia and foreign countries in an international, defense and environmental spheres. The study used geographical methods: descriptive, comparative, cartographic.

Keywords: the Arctic, natural resources, hydrocarbons, natural management, the Northern Sea Route

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