I. Nugmanov, E. Nugmanova, V. Kosarev, R. Sitdikov, D. Kuzina
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


Determination of the present-day stress field tensor is one of the fundamental problems of modern geodynamics. Nowadays, world stress map (WSM) project provide a global compilation of information on the crustal present-day stress field. From a practical point of view, knowledge of the stress field allows us to solve a number of production problems related to the investigation and extraction of hydrocarbons in safety way. In particular, orientation of the main stresses and stress regime are necessary to set the boundary conditions in 3D geomechanical modeling, wellbore stability analysis and for faults reactivation prediction. In addition, it is known that the maximum fluid flow rate is also consistent with the direction of the maximum horizontal stress. Fractures and joint thats are parallel to the axis of maximum horizontal compression are conductive, which is especially important for carbonate reservoirs. In this paper, autors have been considered ways to determine the orientation of the main horisontal stresses according to geophysical and geological investigations of the Akan oil field. Object of recearch located in Volga-Ural oil and gas province. Reservoir carbonate rocks are of the Pennsylvanian age. The orientation of the stress axes was determined from the data obtained by acoustic televiewer from two vertical wells. The criterion for the manifestation of natural stresses on the image logs were sustained azimuth and depth of the borehole breakouts, as well as drilling-induced fractures. The same orientation was obtained from the results of azimutal inversion of vertical seismic profiling data. At the regional level, the consistency of the orientation of the axes of horizontal stresses is confirmed by the results of the lineament analysis of the remote sensing images.

Keywords: stress field, maximal horizontal stress orientation, breakouts, acoustic borehole televiewer, lineament.

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