S. Samchenko, Y. Krivoborodov, I. Burlov, S. Krivoborodova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The use of secondary resources and waste is the most important source of expanding the raw material base in the production of various building materials. Nowadays, there is an increased interest in technogenic industrial waste containing aluminum oxide, and in combination with technogenic materials containing sulfates, there is an increased interest, because their use makes it possible to obtain sulfoaluminate cements. The use of technogenic materials requires the carrying out of survey works both for the development of technology of sulfoaluminate cements with the use of technogenic materials and for environmental safety. The aim of the work was to develop optimal compositions and parameters for the synthesis of sulfoaluminate clinker from technogenic raw materials based on the secondary smelting waste of aluminum scrap and phosphogypsum, and also to obtain cement with adjustable properties. Studies have shown the fundamental possibility of obtaining a quality sulfoaluminate clinker. In the synthesis of clinkers, it was found that the formation of the main mineral of calcium sulfoaluminate occurs at a temperature of 1300 ° C, while an increased content of sulfur oxides or phosphorus in the waste gases was not recorded. Sulfoaluminate cement based on clinker from technogenic materials has high construction and technical properties and is characterized by high hydration activity and fast set of strength in the first day of hardening, and the compressive strength of cement from technogenic materials on the initial day of hardening is 5-7%, and at 28 days it is 25-27% higher than that of the control in these periods of hardening.

Keywords: sulfoaluminate cement, waste, clinker synthesis, hydration, strength

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