C. Cristea, A.F. Jocea
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Due to the fact that suitable information regarding the resources in forest administration in very important, forest inventory of fields is used in forestry to assess and monitor forests on a wide scale. Today forest and land cover parameters are estimated using satellite and ground reference data. There are several field and remote sensing methods which are used for providing data but with high cost in order to fulfill and sustain the requirements. An alternative solution to these methods is the Earth Observation satellite mission Sentinel-2, as part of the Copernicus program. This type of satellites provides images with higher temporal resolution which can be used to analyze and detect important forest parameters like size or spatial extension. Also, it has to be mentioned that an advantage of the mission is represented by the multiple observations available in different moments, making possible a miscellaneous evaluation. The paper will present a possibility of providing important information and data regarding the forests mapping using Earth Observation satellites, resources which can be used for better decisions in forest management.

Keywords: forest management, Earth Observation satellite, GIS

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