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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the negative effects of surface leakage through soil erosion in a hydrographic basin. The analysis, in the context of a phenomenological methodology of erosion, involves the detailed knowledge of the agents, factors and interaction mechanisms. Thus, a multitude of mathematical models have been launched, in order to model this natural phenomenon. In this paper, an analysis of sheet erosion is performed, both in situ and through erosion modeling. This was carried out, by using a hydrological modeling program called MOHID, which takes into account the main factors that trigger and maintain soil erosion (precipitation, soil types, land cover - culture).
The paper presents the problematic of modeling by describing the WEEP, ArcSWAT, PASERA and MOHID programs, the modules used for sediment transportation and all the necessary data that must be introduced for the implementation, validation and calibration of the model. Modeling was carried out for the hydrological years 2012- 2015. The comparison of field data with the data provided by the model shows that, in the first year, we obtained very good results with the model, but in the second year the results of modeling were not as satisfactory, due to the lack of field data. The performance of the MOHID model may be evaluated by means of R2(determination coefficient that evaluates the correlation between two series), RMSE (mean square root error that calculates deviation) and the Nash-Sutcliffe (NSE) efficiency coefficient.
This research had several objectives. The main objective was to study sheet erosion according to the land use category in the hydrographic basin and depending on the type of predominant soil. It was also important to validate the erosion model. The modeling results are presented in the form of digital maps and graphics. As in any research on agricultural hydrographic basins, the ultimate goal is to understand the dynamics of surface water erosion, in order to take the appropriate agricultural management measures.

Keywords: Sheet erosion, hydrological modeling, GIS

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