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Avalanches are undesirable phenomena, represented by the sliding or floating on the slopes of mountains snow masses. The snow masses sometimes train in motion stones, rocks, and shrubs. The avalanches are dangerous because they do human victims. In Romanian mountains, avalanche victims are mostly tourists, skiers or climbers. Avalanches can also cause disasters, covering roads and blocking access to some localities, and last but not least, human victims. They are also the most unexpected and most spectacular aspects of mechanical erosion resulting from the direct action of the gravitational force on snow masses that are in an unstable balance and with poor depth of cohesion. Romania is not among the avalanche-record countries, neither in size nor as material damage. But, paradoxically, the number of victims is higher in Romania than in countries with an activity of snow on the slopes more intense. The avalanche study can also be done using GIS tools in order to achieve this study, we created maps in ArcMap 10.1 software which subsequently assisted us to make a risk map for Făgăraș Massif avalanches.

Keywords: avalanches, GIS, risk, massive, snow cover

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