V.G. Burlov, V. M. Abramov, E. P. Istomin, A.A. Fokicheva, A.G. Sokolov
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Not having the methodological foundations of solving problems of strategic management (SM) in the form of the conditions of the existence of a process, we cannot guarantee the achievement of the goal of the activity. This situation gave rise to a fundamental problem: "The results of the activity for solving problems of SM do not meet the expectations of the decision maker (DM)." The DM acts on the basis of three categories: System, Model, Purpose. Therefore, it is necessary to solve two problems for successful SM. Problem 1. For the development of the system two approaches are known: first, the development of the system based on analysis (Enumeration of options) and, second, the development of the system based on synthesis. For the synthesis, we propose the law of conservation for the object’s integrity (LCOI), which provides the achievement of the goal of SM. We suppose that LCOI is a stable, objective, repetitive connection of an object’s properties and the properties of its actions for a fixed purpose. While the second way, the DM carries out SM on the basis of the model. To do this DM must be able to synthesize adequate models. Therefore, we offer to use LCOI for evaluating the adequacy of the model. Achieving the goal of SM is possible only on the basis of a properly constructed system (PCS) and an adequate model. The criterion of PCS is the use of LCOI for its synthesis. Therefore, all the construction of PCS is realized on the basis of LCOI which confirms the appropriateness of considering LCOI as a condition for the existence of SM. To demonstrate the potential possibilities of the suggested methodology of SM we developed the analytic, dynamic model of the SM for the Russian regions in the form of the system of three nonlinear differential equations. The results of modelling in the interval in the years of 1992-2015 coincide with the main tendencies of the development of the Russian regions.

Keywords: model, synthesis, strategic management, methodology, system, territory development

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