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Poland’s forest cover accounts for 28.8% and is lower than the average for Europe, which is 32%. The first programme to increase the afforestation rate in Poland was developed in the year 1993 and was titled "The National Programme of Increasing Forest Cover". The document was a strategic study intended for use as an instrument of forest policy in the field of shaping the environmental space of the country. It contains general guidelines for drawing up regional spatial development plans in the scope of increasing forest cover. The methodological assumptions and criteria for determining afforestation preferences adopted in „The National Programme of Increasing Forest Cover” are helpful in creating original regional and local solutions. The implementation of the programme allows for defining the limits of agricultural and forest production space in terms of sustainable development. The paper aimes to specify the scope of implementation of „The National Programme of Increasing Forest Cover” in Poland in the years 1993-2017 along with the determination of future forecasts. The study was based on statistical and industry specific data, using the comparative methods.

Keywords: forest cover, the programme for expanding of forest cover, afforestation of lands, cadastre

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