O. Usol’tseva, P. Tsoi, V. Semenov
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The geological environment is essentially heterogeneous, consists of blocks, layers, lenses, joints of various shapes and sizes, lying horizontally, obliquely or in the form of complex folds in the earth’s crust, and it is characterized by great complexity and heterogeneity. The shear in the direction of the joint is one of the main reasons for the destruction of the underground tunnels and mine workings, wellbores. Understanding of shear behavior allows optimal design of mining facilities and prediction of the geomechanical state of rock massifs. To investigate the geomechanical properties of the rock joints under direct shear the measurement complex was created on the base of servohydraulic press Instron 8802This complex was equipped by the system for recording of microseismic emission signals. The tests were conducted according to the methodology of the International Society for Rock Mechanics ASTM D5607-08. Multistage shear tests were conducted on rocks: 1) clay weathering crust samples, strength limit less than 2 MPa; 2) tuff sandstone samples, strength limit 60÷100 MPa) with varying surface roughness. Analysis of the experimental data obtained in tests under direct shear, uniaxial compression and tension allowed to conclude that mechanical behavior of the rock is determined not only by the properties of unbroken rock, but even, to a greater extent by mechanical and geometrical properties of rock joints. Based on complex analysis of experimental data, new estimates of the strength of joints are received for diagnostic the processes of destruction in the early stages and predict the static and dynamic shear destruction of the rock massifs.

Keywords: laboratory experiment, shear direct test, shear strength, normal stress, rock joint, microseismic emission

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