A. Indriksons, S. Galina, L. Kartunova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The research investigates the relation between the magnetic field deviations and the forest stand volume. The object of the experiment for the study of wood stock and related quantities was selected on the basis of the magnetic field deviations map. The Ogre Magnetic Field Anomaly Region has been selected for the research. The magnetic anomalies (magnetic field deviations) data were created digitally: a full polygon layer with values, vectorial data were obtained by adding the measurement data of the magnetic field deviations to the data of forest stands. It made possible to analyze the correlation between the magnetic field and forest indices. The following magnetic field deviation (nanoteslas, nT) intervals were chosen 1) from -300 to 300; 2) from 301 to 1000; 3) from 1001 and higher. The first results were obtained for the relationship between the magnetic field deviations of Earth and the associated forest stand parameters: stand volume, age, average diameter and height. Correlations were made between the maximum values of the magnetic field and the stand volume, average height, average diameter with and without the tree stand age control. The results showed that without the age control there was a correlation between the measurement of the magnetic field deviations and tree stand volume, average height and diameter. However, analyzing the correlation coefficient, the relation was extremely weak and insignificant: r=0,057 with stand volume; r=0.057 with average height and r=0,054 with average diameter. With age control correlation between magnetic field deviations and stand volume was positive, but between magnetic field deviations and stand height was negative. The closeness of the relationship was very weak. There were no significant relationships with average diameter. More significant results show analysis of average stand volume (m3 ha-1) in the magnetic field deviation (nT) intervals by species pine, spruce and birch in selected mature tree stand ages ( pine, 101-120 years; spruce, 81-100 years; birch, 71-80 years). If higher the magnetic field deviation, then larger the stand volume. According to the selected magnetic field deviation intervals in Ogre region: 1) from -300 to 300; 2) from 301 to 1000; 3) from 1001 and higher, an increase of stand volume was for pine 22%; for spruce - 8.3%; for a birch - only 1%. The spruce shows the best tree stand volume in all magnetic field deviation intervals.

Keywords: magnetic field, forest stand indices, forest stand volume

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