V. Zhmud, V. Semibalamut, L. Dimitrov, A. Taichenachev
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Laser systems are widely used for measuring the most important physical values with the highest accuracy. In particular, laser measuring systems are used to identify earthquake precursors in monitoring tidal rock fluctuations. In many cases, signals from laser measuring systems contain noises that need to be filtered out. The signal component in this case has the form of a harmonic oscillation, the frequency and phase of which change and these changes carry information about the measured quantity. This signal should not only be retained, but also made the least possible delay in it. A filtering method is proposed for heterodyne signal transformation with transfer to a high frequency and then returning to the original frequency. In the intermediate stage, the result of the heterodyne transformation is filtered using a bandpass filter, and in the final stage only a low-pass filter is used. The method has been investigated by simulation. The filtration method is useful for creating a system of phase locking of one laser to another, used in a laser seismic oscillation sensor.

Keywords: information processing, laser physics, earthquake precursors, accuracy, filtration

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