V.V. Khronusov, M.G. Barskiy, P.A. Krasilnikov
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The article discusses the need to create a unified engineering geology information data-base. Taking into consideration the fact that the stored information is found in a scat-tered way (paper, electronic, separate reports), its wider application is complicated. The given paper deals with the basic principles of creating a common database of engineer-ing geology, as well as making reporting forms to facilitate the work of the geological engineer and to satisfy the need in geological information by various departments and specialists. To solve this problem the authors proposed the developed software module Geokonstruktor, which uses a modern computer technology for its efficient use. As a prototype, the software solution is offered that implements the interaction between the relational database and geological constructions that are implemented to use GIS and other popular products. The developed software module Geokonstruktor has become the solution of this kind. Currently, the software is widely used to maintain the database of potassium enterprises, which is a part of the single mining and geological information system of the subsoil usage.

Keywords: engineering geology, software database, urban area, GIS, engineering geological stock information

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