J. Kosco, P. Taus, E. Mihalikova, M. Tausova, K. Kubacki
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The subject of contribution is solution a review of the presented territory, where is located geothermal borehole GTH-1, to evaluate the properties of the well and calculate the potential energy of the well. After finding the heat energy potential, contribution will focus on the design of appropriate use and potential solutions to the problems associated with it. A part of contribution is to assess the current situation in the use of geothermal energy as a whole in the Slovak Republic in comparison with other countries. In this area, concludes that despite several implemented and currently implemented many projects remain unused wells and geothermal potential, which we have not used as in neighboring countries. Exploitation of geothermal borehole GTH-1 in the village Kaluza can change that situation. After determining the parameters of the borehole as flow, specific heat of water and the temperature difference calculated potential energy work well. As a way to harness the potential proposed aquapark. After sizing pool determines the need for thermal power to heat water. The contribution concludes that output borehole GTH-1 is not sufficient, as a solution to propose the installation of two heat pumps. The result of the solution is sufficient thermal power to heating the water in the model aquapark.

Keywords: geothermal borehole, energy potential, heat potential, heat pump, geothermal areas, water heating, calculating of energy consumption

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